How to organise your room in the student residence

Are you new to Xior student residences and don’t know how to organise your new room? The good news is that, with a little planning and creativity, you can maximise the space available and turn your room into a comfortable and functional place. We’ll give you organisational tips and versatile furniture recommendations to make the most of your dorm space.

Plan Your Room Layout

Before you start organising your space, it’s important to do some minimal planning. Measure the room and create a layout that includes the layout of essential furniture such as the bed, desk and wardrobe. This will help you visualise how your room will look and avoid the feeling of clutter.

Minimise Clutter

It’s easy to accumulate things in a small room, so it’s essential to keep clutter under control. Regularly go through your belongings and donate or sell what you no longer need. Keep your desk and surfaces clean and uncluttered.

Use Containers and Organisers

Boxes, baskets and organisers are your best friends in a dorm. They can help you keep your small items, such as stationery, beauty products or electronic accessories, tidy.

Strategic lighting

The right lighting can make a small room feel more spacious. Consider floor or wall lamps to save table space. LED lights under shelves can also add a cosy and functional touch.

Personalise your space

Don’t forget to add your personal touch to the room with decorations that reflect your style and personality. Use colours and decorative elements that make you feel at home. Just be careful about damaging walls and so on.

Organising your space in a dorm can be a challenge, but with a creative and practical approach, you can create a comfortable and functional environment. Follow these organisation tips to maximise space and make your room at Xior a place you’ll love.

Remember that every room is unique, so tailor these tips to your specific needs and make the most of your student residence life!

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