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Xior Sevilla - Student Residence in Seville (2)

What is a student housing?

A student residence, or student housing, is a place that provides student accommodation to university students. It could be integrated into a university, but there are some independent residences as well.

The student residences usually are inside the university campus or nearby its mediations (tip: don’t forget to check the location that better suits your needs). In general, they offer more than student rooms, offering great common areas, food, laundry, linen and towel services, and more.

How to apply to live in a student residence in Spain and for who are the student residences?

It depends on the student’s accommodation. At Xior Student Housing, everyone is welcome, and there’s no admission process. However, you must be a student, or related to the academic world, to be accepted at our student residences in Spain.

Please contact the residence of your choice to check the conditions of each Xior Residence.

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Xior Sevilla - Student Residence in Seville (2)

How much is a student residence in Spain?

The price depends on the conditions of the residence, the location, and the included services, and facilities. At Xior, you will find all-inclusive rent, where the student doesn’t have to pay anything extra for electricity, water, and internet bills. Some of our residences also have half and full-board options included (or available to be included). 

All the residences are really well located in some university campus, or nearby. Access the residence page of your interest to get to know the prices of our student rooms in Spain.

When to book my student room?

Usually, the bookings open in April from the next academic year (September). If you need a student room for the second semester, you should start looking in November from the previous year. For bookings during the Summer, your research for a room should start in March. However, you can always check the availability of each residence by accessing the residence page.

Xior Sevilla - Student Residence in Seville (2)
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More questions?

Access our FAQ page to find out the answer for your desired student residence.