Perks of staying at Hubr Xior Sevilla

Staying in a student residence has many advantages and benefits, for residents, it is not only a place to stay for an exact time, but they consider it a home, a second home, a place to create memories, build unique and special relationships, grow on a personal and professional level and where to discover new experiences. You will meet people from different countries, and cultures, with different thoughts that will help you to know the world.
The residents who stay at the Hubr Xior Sevilla residence are people who are in the same situation as you, so they will have similar experiences.
We are going to show you the advantages that exist in the Hubr Xior Sevilla residence:

1. Better academic and professional results

The first year of university for most people is a different and hard year due to the adaptation to a new environment and a new study system. It is a great advantage to live in a residence like Hubr Xior Sevilla and have a study room at your fingertips to concentrate on your subjects or simply not to feel so alone and see that there are many students like you who are going through the same situation.

2. Accelerated growth and development

Living in the residence will help you develop your skills, face new challenges and find the courage to overcome them, you will know how to solve any difficulty you may encounter that you may not have been used to.

3. Expansion of the social network

The Hubr Xior Sevilla residence brings you closer to more students, you will have the opportunity to meet people very different from you, from different parts of the world, with cultures different from yours, who are studying or working in areas different from yours, and with which you can learn and grow a lot, it will be a very enriching experience.
The advantage of living in a student residence like ours is that it is lively, full of energy and with the people you meet you will form friendships, special connections and memories that will last in your life. Enjoy your experience as a student to the fullest!

4. Planning your time

Do not worry about planning your time because if you live in the Hubr Xior Sevilla residence we offer you a half-board or full-board service that includes breakfast, lunch and dinner depending on the type of accommodation chosen. In the restaurant service that we offer you will find varied, healthy and appetizing menus with fresh ingredients. If you are vegetarian, vegan or have any allergies or intolerances, we adapt the menu to your needs. In addition, another very important service to organize your time is the cleaning of the room and the change of towels and sheets.
With these two services, you will have free time to be able to do and dedicate it to everything you like the most as well as focus 100% on your studies. Seize it!

5. Necessary Services Included and Basic Services Covered

At Hubr Xior Sevilla, you have everything you need at your fingertips, and you won’t have to worry about many things. In addition to the weekly restaurant and cleaning service, we have laundry, wi-fi, and 24-hour reception. We also have study rooms, rest spaces, and a garden area. They are differentiating factors and advantages that many residences or accommodations do not offer. At Hubr Xior Sevilla, residents can also enjoy a wonderful swimming pool, where they can relax and play sports.

6. Improved security

As we have already said, the Hubr Xior Sevilla residence offers 24-hour reception, and has access control and a CCTV security system. These functions provided by the residence offer you, as a student, peace of mind in your day-to-day life in the residence thanks to the high degree of personal security.

7. Location

Hubr Xior Sevilla located in the middle of Avenida de la Palmera, is one of the most exclusive areas of the city of Seville and is very close to the Reina Mercedes Campus and the Ramón y Cajal Campus. Also, a 15-minute walk away is the Parque de María Luisa, an iconic place in the city and ideal for practising outdoor sports. The residence has an advantage and it is the good location it has for the students of the University of Seville, thanks, as we have said, to its proximity to the Reina Mercedes and Ramón y Cajal Campuses, due to the good connections with other Campuses such as Macarena, Nervión, Los Remedios or Cartuja, as well as with the rest of Sevillian universities and the city center by public transport.

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