Where to do outdoor sports in Seville

Physical activity gives many advantages and benefits for well-being, self-esteem and motivation. With the arrival of good weather, there is much more desirable to carry out activities outside the home, it is an ideal time to carry out any physical activity in open spaces. A few minutes a day of physical activity in the open air improves your energy levels and can even reduce your levels of anxiety and bad mood improves the obtaining of vitamin D thanks to the sun’s rays, a very important nutrient for health general and for the maintenance of good humour. It also allows the body to eliminate toxins, by cleaning the lungs and oxygenating the blood.

It helps to control blood pressure, calorie loss and to have adequate levels of dopamine, a neurotransmitter that is present in different areas of the brain and that is important for the body’s motor function. Training outdoors you are always changing the scene which helps stimulate the brain in cognitive aspects such as attention and memory capacity, helps prevent and eliminate stress and anxiety that we accumulate. Because there are no noisy environments, silence promotes the relaxation of the body and mind of the individual.

If you are staying at Hubr Xior Sevilla you will know that it is a city with parks that are ideal for going outdoors to play sports, walk or practice meditation. Here we leave several options of some of the best in the city:

Maria Luisa Park

A 15-minute walk from the Hubr Xior Sevilla residence you will find one of the most important parks in the city and closest to the residence with 40 hectares that through colors and smells express the authenticity of the Sevillian spring. It is an ideal park that has become a luxury outdoor gym to practice different sports and at the same time to enjoy the charming landscape that this park offers.
You can take a walk at sunset, running and cycling are two of the most common practices to do in this park, but it also has others such as boxing classes, yoga practices, meditation, martial arts and skating.


Running, walking or training in the way you want next to the river is one of the favourite places for residents who play sports outdoors. And also, if you prefer water sports, you can tour the city from one side to the other doing water skiing or sailing on the Guadalquivir river, making routes from the Torre del Oro to the mouth of the river. The Guadalquivir river is the river of Seville where you can enjoy sports, especially rowing and canoeing, as it is the only navigable river in Spain in which international competitions of the highest level have even been held.

Alamillo Park

There is a very good bicycle route that goes along the river walk from the Barqueta bridge to the San Jerónimo footbridge, and you can reach the Alamillo park. This huge urban park has a large area of 120 hectares of green space that recreates the natural landscape of the Mediterranean forest with native species such as orange trees, elms, pines and poplars that make it an ideal park to practice sports and disconnect from the city when you are there you will see the number of people who are going to train.
It is considered one of the best places to do sports alone, in a group or with a personal trainer. You can run, skate, ride a bike, do yoga, pilates, dance and also practice street workout, a good discipline to prevent injuries if you know how to do it, this park has an area set up for it.

Miraflores Park

This park offers a good environment to keep fit, with paved tracks and green areas. This, with a surface area of 90 hectares, is one of the most charming urban parks in Seville, located to the north of the city.
The park has soccer, volleyball, basketball, and skating rinks to practise sports and enjoy time exercising outdoors.

Princes Park

The Parque de los Príncipes owes its name to the Emeritus Kings of Spain Don Juan Carlos and Doña Sofía. After María Luisa Park, this is another of the largest parks in Seville.
You can walk, run and train in different types of outdoor sports thanks to its multi-sports track with two different spaces. It has a skating rink that includes a metal safety railing where you can go on skates or a scooter without any problem, and another space is a basketball court.

Go in a group with your friends from the Hubr Xior Sevilla residence and play some games!

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