5 tips to find the perfect student accommodation in Spain

Planning to study in Spain requires a lot of time and dedication. The first thing you have to do is choose the destination. Most students and young professionals choose Madrid, Seville, or Malaga, which are three incredible cities. After having chosen the destination, you will have to find a study program in Spain, enroll at the university, and prepare all the necessary documents.

But wait, there is more! One of the most important parts of planning to study is finding student accommodation in the city of your choice. This will be your new home where you will live during your stay in Spain, so our advice is: before you move, take your time to research and choose correctly.

Our home is the place where we can rest, relax, study and sometimes even work. So it has to be perfect for you and your needs. Fortunately, Spain is full of amazing accommodation options. Both Madrid, Malaga, and Seville have premium student accommodation with fully equipped rooms and excellent locations, close to the bus, metro and train stations.

Do you want to know how you can choose the perfect university accommodation in Spain? We leave you with 5 useful tips that will help you find the place of your dreams for an unforgettable Erasmus in Madrid, Seville, or Malaga. Find out below!

1. Search in advance:
Our number one tip is: Start your search early!
Planning ahead will allow you to choose a student accommodation that perfectly suits your needs. Organizing your trip a few months in advance avoids the stress of leaving everything at the last minute. So grab your computer, sit down somewhere quiet, and start searching. You can create a list with your favorite options and separate them according to location, for example. Then list the pros and cons of your top 5 options. This will make your decision much easier!

2. Location is very important!
Are you about to move to Madrid, Seville, or Malaga and don’t know the best areas to live?
Here’s what we suggest: choose a neighborhood that has easy access to the metro and bus stations. This way, you can get around easily and make your college life much easier!
Hubr Xior has student residences in the best locations in Spain. If you are thinking of moving to Madrid, the Salamanca neighborhood is one of the most relevant and exclusive areas of Madrid, close to the metro stations and several universities such as the Complutense University of Madrid, Polytechnic University of Madrid, and San Pablo Private University. CEU.
Is Seville the city you have chosen? Hubr Xior has an incredible university residence in the Tiro de Línea neighborhood, 20 minutes by bus from the center and 10 minutes from the University of Seville.
Or maybe you want to go to Malaga? The Hubr Xior student residence on the Teatinos Campus is close to many faculties of the University of Malaga.

3. Choose an all-inclusive accommodation:
Trust us: this will save you a lot of trouble. Having all the costs included, unpleasant surprises are avoided. Fortunately, there are many student accommodation options in Madrid, Seville, or Malaga that offer all-inclusive rental packages.
Hubr Xior, for example, has rooms that include water, electricity, super-fast wi-fi, and room cleaning service once a week with weekly change of towels and sheets. So you can just relax and enjoy university life in Spain safe in the knowledge that you won’t have to worry about extra costs!

4. Online booking platforms are your best friends:
Renting a studio in Madrid, Seville or Malaga can be a stressful process. In general, owners in Spain request a series of bureaucratic procedures, such as a guarantor, proof of income, and many other requirements that do not make your life easier.
Don’t worry, we have great news: everything can be easier. With online booking platforms like Hubr Xior, you can rent your accommodation in Madrid, Seville, or Malaga safely and easily.

5. Don’t forget about comfort!
We’ve mentioned this before, but it bears repeating: your home in Spain should be perfect for your needs. Even if it’s just for a semester, we’re sure you don’t want to live in a dirty, cold, and noisy room. Make sure you choose the right option and choose the best place for you in Spain. Living in a house where you are not comfortable can affect your mood. A comfortable, clean and cozy room will make you feel happier and more relaxed.
Hubr Xior has well decorated and fully equipped rooms that promise to make your stay in Madrid, Seville, or Malaga unforgettable. In addition, the residences have common areas such as study rooms, games rooms, outdoor terraces, and other areas to relax and make new friends in Spain.

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