Affordable and typical restaurants in Madrid

Spain is an excellent place for those who like to eat well, in Madrid you can eat wonderfully without having to spend a lot of money, it is easy if you know the perfect places to go, that is why from the Hubr Xior Madrid student residence we leave you a list of some restaurants that we recommend if one day you feel like trying Spanish cuisine in the capital.
It is possible to eat at affordable prices and find places where you pay less than 15 euros. For the residents of Hubr Xior Madrid, it is important to know which are the cheapest restaurants in the capital in order to afford more outings, it is crucial to consider more options for living in the residence.
We are going to give you different options to eat and also typical dishes of Madrid cuisine such as where to eat the best squid sandwiches, tripe, stews, potato omelette and some good churros.


Something very Madrid is the squid sandwich and if you want to eat the best here we leave it to you, with only 3 euros you can try one of the best that Madrid offers, although you can also eat other sandwiches and tapas. It stands out in an area with a wide and varied accumulation of bars, restaurants and taverns dedicated to this speciality. If you are from the Hubr Xior Madrid residence and you feel like going out to eat one weekend, you will find one because you will see a very long queue at its doors.
It is located in the Plaza Mayor, on Calle Botoneras 6.


It is one of the legendary restaurants in Malasaña, the food is very, very good and it is a very cosy place. It is defined as a good, nice and cheap restaurant because for 9 euros they offer you a menu to choose between 3 first and 3 seconds, drink and dessert. In addition, they have a very varied and extensive menu in which you can choose what you like the most and if you are vegan they also offer veggie alternatives.
If one day you’re doing the hipster around Malasaña and you don’t know where to eat or dine, come to Ay mi madre, you’re sure to hit the spot.


It is not a place where you can go for lunch or dinner but you can have breakfast or a snack and being in Madrid is a must. The Chocolatería San Ginés is one of the most famous in Madrid where you can have traditional chocolate with churros or any other drink accompanied by pastries.

It is a bar that recalls the cafes of the late nineteenth century with two floors, built-in 1890 but in 1894 it became a place to make churros with the traditional technique called “on the shoulder”.
It is located in the passageway of San Ginés number 5, very close to Puerta del Sol, in the heart of Madrid. It opens every day of the year, so if you are a resident of Hubr Xior Madrid, you can go anytime you feel like it!


Very important personalities of social and political life have passed through this establishment, as well as national actors and singers. It is a family restaurant not only because it has a cosy atmosphere but also because the tavern keeper works accompanied by his children. They also run the Old Madrid restaurant, El Landó, and La Taberna de los Huevos de Lucio. It is based on traditional cuisine and works with top quality ingredients. Its specialities are Madrid-style tripe, Madrid stew, oxtail, beef meatballs and grilled cocochas, among others.
You can find it in the heart of Madrid, on Calle Cava Baja number 35, one of the oldest in the city.


In 1870 they opened the doors of this tavern, also a family tavern that, after generations, continues to offer the same quality as it did then. The star dish of this establishment is the Madrid stew that they prepare in their kitchens, where both locals and foreigners who come from all over the world enjoy it. You can try this traditional stew but also order other dishes from Madrid’s most traditional and elaborate cuisine, just as it was cooked years ago. Other traditional dishes that you can taste are suckling lamb or tripe and of course, the desserts that will leave you impressed are apple fritters with ice cream or creamy rice pudding.
The La Bola tavern is located in the center of Madrid, located on Calle de la Bola, number 5.

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