Benefits of Living in a Student Residence

Studying abroad can sometimes be very frightening, but also a lifetime experience that you’ll remember forever. What makes you worry: not making any friends or not adjusting to the new city? Not being understood abroad or knowing to learn another language? We have great news for you: we are here to make it clear for you that studying abroad is a great experience for your personal and professional life. So, if you decided to study abroad but you’re not sure where to live, then we give you a little help!

Have you ever considered living at a Student Residence? Then check out these benefits and make sure you live your study abroad experience to its fullest!

1. Make new friends
Studying abroad can be very challenging, but remember you’re not alone: a lot of students come from different cities or countries and are on the same page as you. In a Student Residence, you’ll find a lot of people from different places in the world that are also alone and studying abroad for the first time. So you can make new friends and quickly feel at home when you share some things such as cooking, spending fun nights, watch a movie. Don’t be shy, and go talk to other people, we are sure that you’ll make a lot of friends very quickly!

2. Learn the language from the place where you will study
Since you are moving to another country, then the one thing that you should really do is to learn their language! It’s an amazing tip for you to understand native people and also be understood. And it is great for your professional future life, once you add another language and it can be very valuable. We know that some languages can be more difficult to learn than others, but remember that you are living in a Student Residence that most probably has a lot of native speakers of the country you chose that can help you learn their language!

3. Learn other languages
At a Student Residence, it’s a lot common to find people from other countries, and once you’re done step 1 you can check new words from another language.
For example, we recommend that you ask to learn another language and you also teach your own! These exchanges can be a lot of fun, and a great moment of sharing and making a strong friendship!
Also, you can always make casual conversations in other languages, and you can add it to your curriculum, which makes this experience also valuable to your professional future.

4. Discover the city with another student
Studying abroad is a great opportunity to discover a new city and its culture! And it can be a lot of fun if you do it with somebody that also doesn’t know anything about it. During the summer or winter you always have a lot of possibilities to make plans with your new friends: go to walk through the entire city, go to museums, discover the history of the country where you’re studying, etc.
Our suggestion? Join a group of students that want to discover the city you’re studying in, and spend an amazing time!

5. Don’t worry about bills!
This is probably the most important benefit of living in a Student Residence: pay the rent and nothing else! At Hubr Xior residences, you pay your rent and you get: a room with a private bathroom, a shared kitchen with other students or choose a room with your own, watch Netflix for free, exercise at the residence’s gym, and pay nothing else for this features! Water and electricity bills are also included in your rent, so you don’t have to worry about the bills at the end of the month!

6. Get to travel to more places
When you make friends from all over the world, you have a home all over the world, right? So, listen to their stories about their hometown, and then go on a trip to visit all your friends, get to know their culture at its fullest, the cities and other friends, and explore the world.
This is great to show your hometown to friends from other places of the world, but also for you to get to know more about the world!

7. Go back to your hometown with more culture!
Getting to know people from different countries always means you get to know different cultures, isn’t it right? If you want to live your study abroad experience to its fullest, ask them about their countries, and cultures. We suggest you join a group of people from different places of the world, and you can trade experiences, and see the differences and similarities of your countries!

So, with all of these benefits, we are sure you will no longer be afraid of studying abroad! Get to know new people, give yourself to know other people, and enjoy your experience in a new country or city!

Have you ever studied abroad? If yes, tell us a memorable story related to your experience that will make you remember those times forever!

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