The Second Semester Begins

Many will have already started classes, others still have a few days ahead to enjoy the holidays and prepare for the second semester.

At Hubr Xior we also start a new semester, new people, new challenges, new objectives, as well as residents who have been with us since the first semester who are learning with us to live day to day outside their homes.

Our residents have possibly gone through one of the most difficult moments: the adaptation period away from home. Therefore, if you are new and it is your first time away from home, we are going to give you a few tips to help you adapt to this situation:

Avoid setting high expectations

Having high expectations depending on what, can lead to other problems, such as frustration or anxiety that they may not have been met.

For this reason, sometimes it’s better not to have high expectations and to let yourself go with what happens to you on a daily basis. You can have goals as always in life, but if you do, you have to be clear that sometimes they don’t have to be fulfilled and nothing happens. This way you can avoid any type of stress and try the best possible way to deal with the situation.

Learning the language of the place

Learning the language of the place where you’re going to live for a while is highly recommended, not only because it will be easier for you to communicate with the people who live there and you won’t have as many problems making new friends, but also because you will learn another language and could be very important for your professional future.

Know more about the culture

A good way to adapt to the country or city that you are going to settle in for the first time is to find out a little about the place, what their customs are, if they have any local traditions, what are the typical foods, etc.

Knowing and being aware of the reasons why we made the decision to leave home

You can make a list with the reasons why you decided to move, taking this into account, it can help you reach your destination in a calmer way.

Once you arrive at your residence you can:

1. Maintain a routine

You can start with new habits and turn it into a routine for your day-to-day life in your new home, or simply do everything you used to do at home now at the Hubr Xior residence.

2. Creating or keeping your interests

Can be a good way to connect with what you had, it will make you not miss the way you lived before so much.

3. Socializing with other people 

In order to make plans can be difficult at first, but if you live in Hubr Xior you can have it easier, since you can meet many people who are in the same situation as you.

4. Knowing ourselves

If one day you feel like going out to do anything that your friends are not very keen on, you can make that plan with yourself, going out alone is a way to disconnect from everything that surrounds you, and learn to get to know you much more, the things you like or the things you prefer to do.

Many times the changes are necessary and also hard, whether it’s to leave or to return home after a period away from it. From Hubr Xior we hope that these tips can help you.

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