Why you should move to Spain in 2022

There’s something magical about Spain. Brimming with breathtaking beaches, charming settings and great weather all year long, Spain has been welcoming a growing number of foreigners from around the globe for the past several years.

Perfectly located in southern Europe, Spain attracts not only international students but also young professionals who are craving to study abroad and experience the Portuguese culture. In fact, did you know that Spain is one of the top destinations to live and study abroad? Yep! Cities like Málaga, Sevilla and especially Madrid have positioned themselves as digital hubs thanks to government incentives to entrepreneurship over the past years.

Are you still trying to make up your mind about which city in Europe you should choose to study abroad in? Don’t worry, we’re here to help! To ease your decision, we’ve gathered 10 amazing reasons why you should study in Spain in 2022. Spoiler alert: it involves great food and lots of travelling around. Take a look!


1. Spain’s amazing weather: 

With an average of 300 sunny days per year, Spain has mild sunny winters with blue skies and hot summers that will make you crave a dive in the ocean. The best part about the great weather in Spain is that it allows you to go outdoors and discover some of the best things that Portugal has to offer: from paradisiac beaches to green leafy gardens.


2. Low cost of living, even in Spain:

Compared to other countries in Europe, Portugal has a fairly low cost of living, which can be great especially for young professionals and students who want to live and study abroad on a budget. But of course, it varies depending on the city. The food can be either expensive or very affordable if you know where to go. 


3. Great food:

Get ready to put on a few pounds, because Spanish food is impossible to resist! Spain is widely known for its diverse cuisines that vary across each region. The most common and well known are the famous Tapas, and you can find it almost in every Spanish city.


4. Spain is an excellent location for travel:

Do you love travelling? Then Spain is the place for you. Spain offers great advantages for those with a wanderlust spirit, and there are several day trips for you to escape the city life. From Madrid, you can easily go to charming places, if you feel like exploring amazing palaces and gardens, or just go to the South (Málaga and Sevilla) for amazing weather and historical buildings. You can also take a road trip with friends and uncover Spain from north to south. We promise that you won’t regret it!


5. Amazing beaches and nature: 

Spain is also home to a vast nature that is worth exploring. So get ready to uncover what Spain has to offer. In the winter, you can go to the snow-covered in Andorra to ski and try their local cheese. In the summer you can drive south to Andalucia, for some lazy beach days and grilled sardines. In the spring, why not visit the north?


6. The superb quality of life:

Far from being stressful, Spain’s lifestyle is laid-back and relaxed. Contrary to places such as London and Paris, the Spanish cities are much smaller and everything happens at a much slower pace. So of one thing, we’re sure: you’ll feel 100% recharged after a few months living in Spain. 


7. Vibrant nightlife:

We can assure you: Spain is laid-back but never boring! People there love to go have dinner with friends and then go for a night out, usually past 1 am. You can either go to its most famous clubs, have a drink at a rooftop or grab a beer and hop from bar to bar until sunrise. 


8. Amazing environment for students: 

Did you know that Spain is one of the top Erasmus destinations in Europe? There are plenty of well-ranked universities all over Spain with excellent Bachelor’s, master and PhD programmes. Plus: it also has great accommodation options for your Erasmus in Spain. If you want to feel at home and make your journey abroad even more memorable, we recommend you to opt for a student residence, such as Hubr Xior.


9. It’s super multicultural:

For all of the reasons above, Spain became a melting pot of cultures. Spain is also home to French, Spanish, British, Ukrainian, and Chinese people. The great thing is that this multicultural scenario will allow you not only to learn about other cultures but also to make friends from around the globe.